Korund Facade superfine heat insulation. The first in the world superfine ceramic heat-insulating material that can be applied in coats 1 mm or more thick at a time and that demonstrates vapor permeabilty equal to that of high-quality exterior paint. Korund Facade superfine heat insulating material is specially designed for concrete surfaces. Thanks to high heat-reflecting properties and AT LEAST TWICE as low labor costs as compared to similar superfine heat-insulating materials, Korund Facade will be the ideal solution in the area of professional construction heat insulation for you and your clients.

KORUND FACADE superfine heat insulation is superfine liquid ceramic heat-insulating material that can be applied in coats from 1 to 3 mm thick at a time (depending on application modes) and demonstrates vapor permeabilty equal to that of high-quality exterior paint (0.03). KORUND FACADE is weather-resistant high-viscosity compound specially designed for heat insulation of vertical surfaces. When applied to a wall from inside or from outside, the coating forms solid seamless surface, ensures heat retention throughout the premise space, producing in so doing positive effect on the microclimate. KORUND FACADE coating reflects up to 80% of visible solar spectrum and infrared spectrum radiation. This results in significant reduction of heating of internal premises and air conditioning costs in summer, while heat losses in winter can be reduced by 30%. KORUND FACADE heat insulation coating is durable material with excellent adhesion to any construction materials, good vapor permeability and high hydrophobic (water-repellent) properties.

Liquid ceramic heat-insulating material KORUND FACADE is used for heat insulation of plastered, concrete, brick, wooden and other surfaces of buildings' and structures' building envelopes for external and internal works. Ceramic heat-insulating material KORUND Facade can be applied on top of waterborne acrylic paint and covered with wall paper. Tinting of Korund Facade is possible on condition of strict compliance with our technical data sheet and recommendations on tinting pastes selection and technical peculiarities.

Use of KORUND Facade coating makes it possible:

− to carry out heat insulation of walls both from outside and from inside;

− to retain the effective area volume (for walls heat insulation from inside);

− to avoid increased loads on a structural unit;

− to insulate facades that are complex in terms of architectural solutions (including reconstruction works);

− to enhance the thermal comfort of a premise;

− to reduce costs and duration of construction works.

In addition, Korund Facade heat-insulating paint has demonstrated good results when applied in combination with Korund Anticor modification. For example, the effective thickness of superfine heat insulation on a tank made of ferrous metal is 2.5 mm. At least 6 coats of such materials as Mascoat, Alfatek, tsm ceramic, Teplos-Top, etc. and our base modification Korund Classic were required to cover the tank (the first primer coat + 5 coats 0.5 mm each with 24 hours of interlayer drying). While our solution made it possible to apply three coats only!

The first coat - 0.5 mm of Korund Anticor (not only corrosion lock, but also modifier, adhesive and waterproofing agent thanks to high film forming capacity).

The second coat applied in 24 hours - 1 mm of Korund Facade

The third coat applied in 24 hours - 1 mm of Korund Facade