Superfine liquid heat insulation KORUND CLASSIC is general-purpose basic compound for various applications; it has excellent and stable adhesion to metals and construction materials. Heat insulation coating KORUND CLASSIC is temperature resistant, weather resistant, vapor-proof, and contains corrosion inhibitors.

Superfine liquid heat insulation KORUND CLASSIC is used for heat insulation of external and internal surfaces of buildings' and structures' building envelopes, pipelines, air ducts, steam pipelines, steam boilers, chimneys, smoke ducts, industrial equipment of various applications and any other facilities that require thermal protection and have operating temperature from - 60°С to + 200°С (short-term thermal loads (1-2 hours) up to +260°С are allowed).

Currently, superfine liquid heat-insulating material Korund Classic is the best material you have ever seen, used or applied! Thanks to our advanced in-house laboratory, the opportunity to promptly use new products of the world leaders in chemical industry in improvement and optimization activities, the wide experience in development and commercialization of superfine coatings, Korund Classic liquid heat-insulating material excels in thermophysics, plasticity, and light weight.

Plastic 20 liter euro bucket of heat-insulating paint Korund Classic weights as little as 9.5 kg. There is practically no splitting into fractions when liquid heat insulation Korund is transported or stored. The outdated formulation of competitor is limited by components of the previous century and cannot produce similar results - Chemistry has made enormous advances over the recent years and we keep pace with it.