Korund – the best hyperfine heat insulation

Today material KORUND® has four, industrial certified modifications:

1. Korund Classic – the best hyperfine heat insulation, with which you when or worked!

2. Korund Anticor – for the first time in Russia is developed the unique hyperfine thermal insulation coating, which can be brought directly to the rusty surface. It is sufficiently simple to remove by wire brush “damp” (friable) rust, after which it is possible to bring heat insulation CORUNDUM of anti-crusts, observing instruction.
Heat insulation corundum of anti-crusts is highly effective thermal insulation coating and anticorrosive coating, but not only preservative and modifier of corrosion.

3. Korund Winter – for the first time in Russia is developed the hyperfine liquid thermal insulation coating, with which it is possible to work to -10 °[S]. corundum winter – newest development in the rule of hyperfine liquid ceramic thermal insulation materials. In contrast to all other [ZHKT] of the materials, represented on the Russian market, work on putting corundum winter can be carried out at minus temperatures, to -10 °[S]., whereas the minimum temperature of putting usual [ZHKTM] cannot be below +5 °C corundum winter it consists of the composition of special acrylic polymers and dispersed in it micro-granules of foam glass, but so pigmenting, [antipirenovykh], rheological and inhibiting contribution.

4. Korund Facade – is for the first time in the world developed material which can be brought by layers with thickness to 1[mm] one time, and which possesses the permeability to steam of qualitative facade coatings.

At the moment already prepared for the industrial release (laboratory models has been tested), the following modifications:

1. Korund Anticondensate – more effectively prevents the formations of condensate than classical modification and all existing analogs.

Korund Volcano – hyperfine thermal insulation material with the working temperature range to + 540 s.