About us

“Nanotek” company was founded in 2010 with the purpose of promotion of using the unconventional methods in the thermal insulation coating production process. Company`s long-term goal is to promote the policy of European Union within energy savings measures. “Nanotek” company goes into wholesale and retail trade of liquid heat insulation Korund.

Currently our company appeared as a supplier of liquid hyperfine heat insulation to Estonia. We also provide the extended services within implementation of heat insulation work in consideration of client’s wishes. These types of work rely on development of scientists of the Volgograd Innovative Resort Center that has a wealth of experience within development, production and implementation of innovative building materials giving them in the same time status to be standard and traditional.

How to carry out the heat insulation of the walls of the internal accomodations, when it is desirable to lose not the centimeter of the expensive living space? How to warm the external facade of building so as not to spoil its exterior view and not to ruin on super-expensive facing? How to rapidly and qualitatively carry out the heat insulation of curved surfaces?

Visualizing the labor-consuming and expensive process of the additional heat insulation of walls in the apartment, people live by decades in the cold panel apartments with the eternally freezing through and damp walls, without being solved to be pulled in the prolonged process of repair, but meanwhile in all these cases today there is a simple, inexpensive, but very effective solution.

-Hyperfine liquid heat insulation (thermal insulation coating) KORUND!

The liquid heat insulation, which calls also – ceramic heat insulation or hyperfine heat insulation, is intended for obtaining the coating on the surfaces of any form, they possess thermal insulation, and also, by soundproof, moisture-proof and anticorrosive properties with the very wide field of application.

Liquid heat insulation KORUND® is highly effective for the heat insulation of the facades of buildings, roofs, internal walls, slopes of windows, concrete sections, conduits of hot and cold water supply, steam pipelines, air ducts for the systems of air conditioning, cooling systems, different capacities, cisterns, trailers, refrigerators and the like it is used for averting the formation of condensate on the pipes of cold water supply and for the highly effective heat insulation of the conduits of heating and hot water supply. The temperature range of the use of hyperfine heat insulation from – 60 °C to + 250 °C. the period of the service of material is more than 15 years!

Liquid composition thermal insulation material KORUND® – first product, which is developed in Russia by the original technology, is produced from the high-quality imported components and does not has analogs on the relationship price- quality. KORUND® is full certified, what is the guarantee of high quality of product.